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Newgate Executive Suites

last edited on May 8, 2013

Newgate Executive Suites, 5100 North Tamiami Trail, Suite 103, Naples, Florida 34103
Marlene Downer, Leasing Manager, 643-4474
2011, 6,000 Sq. Ft. Total
From $850-$1,100 Per Month, From 110 Sq. Ft. & Up Available, 15% Off First Year Lease

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  • Kearns Restaurant Group’s New Dining Destinations

    In the history of Lee County, only a handful of local restaurateurs have simultaneously owned and operated multiple restaurants in this market (think Prawnbroker Group, Paul and Craig Peden, and the Phelan family, among others). While most have evolved as a result of slow, steady growth, Kearns Restaurant Group (KRG) has burst onto the scene, fueled by innovative ideas for new restaurants and bars, and the resources to develop, build and manage them.

  • Tom, Dick & Harry’s American Grill

    Sometimes, the best indication of a great restaurant isn’t what’s on the menu, but the number of cars in the parking lot. If so, that’s a very good sign for Tom, Dick & Harry’s American Grill in south Fort Myers, where the parking lot has been near capacity since opening day several months ago.

  • Broadway Factory

    There is no shortage of frozen yogurt shops these days, particularly in Southwest Florida. Given the hot climate and consumers’ growing demand for healthful alternatives to traditional ice-cream, the appeal is understandable. But with frozen dessert franchises and locally-operated shops continuing to proliferate, one has to wonder if there’s room for even one more.

  • Square 1 Burgers & Bar

    Although the term suggests a setback of sorts, finding yourself back at Square 1 means something far different to burger lovers, namely an outstanding meal.
    Located in Page Field Commons in Fort Myers, Square 1 Burgers & Bar is unlike any other casual-dining restaurant on Florida’s west coast and far superior to a typical burger joint. Local diners know that now, but weren’t quite sure what to make of the place when it opened in 2012. Since then, its unique appeal has drawn a growing fan base.

  • Capt’n Fishbones Seafood Grill

    If you’re looking for a place to have lunch or dinner in Lee County, The Shell Factory & Nature Park may not immediately spring to mind. But that’s likely to change after a visit to Capt’n Fishbones Seafood Grill, a restaurant that seems to be hiding in plain sight within the iconic North Fort Myers attraction.

  • Firestone

    If you’re going to name a restaurant after one of the great inventors of the 20th century, it behooves you to be a bit inventive yourself. In downtown Fort Myers, the owners of The Firestone have outdone themselves, from concept to cuisine.

  • Ford’s Garage

    As commerce continues to rev up in downtown Fort Myers, business at Ford’s Garage appears to be in overdrive. From mid-day until late in the evening, near-capacity crowds have filled the sizeable First Street establishment — and its spacious patio — ever since it opened in February 2012.

  • Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria

    Just because there seems to be a pizza restaurant on every corner in Southwest Florida doesn’t guarantee you’ll find an outstanding pie at any of them. Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria is an exception.

  • Tabo

    Relocation can be a tricky proposition for restaurateurs, as diners tend to be creatures of habit. Some establishments don’t survive the move, no matter how short the distance or how great their previous success. Others seem to bloom where they’re planted – or in Yabo’s case, transplanted.

  • Elephant Bar

    It’s one thing for restaurants to be busy when Southwest Florida is filled to the rafters with snowbirds and tourists. Even then, dining rooms tend to empty by 9 p.m. So to find a large restaurant near capacity and still seating diners at 9:30 p.m. during the off season is quite remarkable, especially when it’s located in central Fort Myers.